About Us

What spurred as a honest competition evolved into an entity of its own: Predator


In 2015, the employees of Bombies got together and engaged in a friendly competition to create the next best Bombies flavor.  Every week, two employees challenged each other to formulate different variations of their ideal and perfect flavor.  After months of research and development, five unique flavors were forged.  


But this isn't where the story ends.  Rather, this is where the story begins.


The Bombies employees wanted change, something radically different in the e-liquid industry.  Complex flavors weren't good enough, consumers often had to choose between exceptional flavors at a premium price, or standard flavors for the more budget-conscious shoppers.


Not anymore.

And so it goes, Predator was born.  The Bombies' employees all agreed that juice should be:

    • complex
    • all day vapeable
    • fast to ship
    • and most importantly, affordable to anyone

Rivaling that of the most premium companies, Predator seeks to introduce premium flavors to mass consumers, without sacrifices or compromises.  All flavors come pre-steeped, are made in small batches, and ready to ship upon ordering.  For a pricepoint of $7.00 USD per 30 ml, it's the equivalent of less than half price relative to the industry's standard pricing.  As such, it was only appropriate to name our line Fenrir, the demon wolf destined to kill Odin -- a god often associated with royalty.  It's been a long time coming.


Welcome to the next chapter of vaping.


Predator is proudly managed by Bombies Automatic. Please visit our contact page to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.